01-18-2007   Threadbender on FutureQuest

Some of you may have noticed that the site was down for a while, this past weekend. I moved the site to a different hosting company. Threadbender is now hosted at FutureQuest.net

The support staff here is unbelievable. I had 2 questions during setup. Both were answered in less than 10 minutes!!! Needless to say, I was very impressed.

01-18-2007  June 2005 hidden quote

No one has figure this out yet! I decided to raise the prize amount to $150 (or $100 and a $100 donation to a not-for-profit association of your choice.) The offer stands until it's solved.
Here are the rules: Rules

05-09-2006   Archive Page Changed

The archive page was changed to speed the download of the page. I also changed the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). You may need to do a CTRL+F5 once on the page. This will force a refresh of the CSS from the site, as opposed to getting the CSS from your locally cached files.
The CTRL+F5 only needs to be done one time.

03-01-2006   Site Down

The site was down this morning because of unscheduled maintenance by my web hosting provider: http://www.olm.com

12-29-2005   Junes quotes

Since I raised the prize for Junes hidden quote, I've noticed a lot of hits for the June 2005 quotes. Anyone who is solving them only to try to figure out the hidden quote, I'll save you some time. Here's a link to the the solved quotes for June 2005

If you're solving them for the fun of solving them, then by all means, solve away. :)

12-29-2005   Milestone

I didn't realize it until today but Tuesday (12-27-2005) was the 500th cryptoquote!!!

12-19-2005   Cryptoquiz problems

The "Check Answer" for todays cryptoquiz was not working correctly due to a question mark in the quiz. I will fix the code that caused this later. For now, I simply removed the question mark.

12-13-2005   Solutions to the May, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct and Nov hidden quote

May's solution

July's solution

August's solution

September's solution

October's solution

November's solution

12-07-2005   Prize for June's hidden quote increased to $100

No one has solved June's hidden quote!!! I'll keep the prize money offer open until the end of the day on 31 May 2006.

05-29-2005   $50 prize for June's hidden quote

I made June's hidden quote harder to solve. The first person with the correct solution and how to solve it, will receive the prize.
Here are the rules: Rules

05-13-2005   Solution to April's hidden quote

April's solution

04-23-2005   Solution to March's hidden quote

March's solution

04-04-2005   Scheduled maintenance:

This site is scheduled to be down from 11:00 pm Apr 04, 2005 EST until 3:00 am Apr 05, 2005 EST, for scheduled maintenance while my web hosting provider http://www.olm.com upgrades the server for this site.

03-28-2005   Solution to February's hidden quote

February's solution

03-01-2005   Submitting Cryptoquizzes

A few people have submitted cryptoquizzes to me. If you would like to submit a cryptoquiz, just email the subject and list to me at steve@threadbender.com   The list needs to be between 8 and 15 items. Also, please tell me what name to use in the "Submitted by:" section.

March's hidden quote

March's hidden quote is attributed as an Indian Proverb

02-16-2005   Cryptoquiz Archive

I had a suggestion to list the archived cryptoquizzes by date and subject instead of using the calendar format. That made sense, so it has been changed.

02-01-2005   February's hidden quote

February's hidden quote is attributed to Aesop.

01-26-2005   Hidden messages in solved cryptoquotes?

Yes. December's solved cryptoquotes contain a hidden message.
The message was created by using one letter per day from the solved cryptoquote.
December's message ran from 12-01-2004 through 12-30-2004, and is quite easy to find if you're looking for it.

Does January's solved cryptoquotes contain a hidden message?

Yes. However, it uses a different pattern than December's.

01-01-2005   A CryptoQuiz page and a News page were added to the site.

The site menu was altered to accomodate the new Cryptoquiz and News pages.
Currently, the cryptoquiz page will be updated twice a week, on Saturdays and Wednesdays. I may increase the frequency as I work out any kinks that may arise from the cryptoquiz pages.
I hope you enjoy the cryptoquizzes!

An RSS feed was added to the CryptoQuiz page.

CryptoQuiz links added to the Archives page.

The cryptoquiz archives have been added to the Archives page in the right hand column. Currently, they are listed as plain links. In mid February they will changed to the calendar format currently used by the crypotquotes.

New Year

Have a safe and Happy New Year!!!